Ana Vaz
International Competition


“A young anteater found dead by the side of the road, a boa constrictor wanders in the suburbs of Taguatinga, a maned wolf is found in a farm in Sobradinho II, a small owl is rescued in the Radio Center district, a capybara swims in the water mirror of the Itamaraty Palace. The question is: are animals invading our cities, or rather are we occupying their habitat?”

Ana Vaz

Ana Vaz (1986, Brazil) is an artist and filmmaker who works with cinema as a tool. Her films, or rather her film-poems, travel through territories and events haunted by the perennial consequences of internal and external forms of colonialism, and their footprints on the earth as well as on human and different from human forms. Her practice can also take the shape of writing, critical pedagogy, installations, film programs or ephemeral events, which are expansions or developments of her films.


Direction: Ana Vaz