Dir. Miko Meloni
Prod. Esteban Coloma


A cinematographer's personal narration of an island hidden between two countries, a refuge for hundreds of people fleeing war.


There is no water or electricity, almost no communications and limited food: this is the destination of a film crew shooting a documentary. The montage of photographs captured by his phone, together with the production footage, make up the photographer's personal and oniric narration of one of the most peculiar places he has ever known.

Miko Meloni

After years dedicated to media activism, he makes documentaries for festivals, theaters and web, such as Chipaya Gente del Agua, Cuentos del Alpaqueros and Tjamparanjani! Has collaborated as DOP, scriptwriter, editor and colorist in films like Ukamau y (FIDBA) and Madre Luna (IDFA Docs for Sale).

Esteban Coloma

He currently co-directs and produces the feature documentaries Carmela y los caminantes (IDFA Academy, DocsMX) and Fabián (Campus Latino, Acampadoc). He produced Ukamau y (2016) and was part of the production of Madre Luna (2018). He is founder of the Audiovisual Cooperative CoopDocs of Ecuador.